The patented seedFX® technology represents the core of our GUARD product line for both conventional and organic farming.

The complex formulation of our seed treatments is composed of over 20 natural active ingredients and nutrients. The individual interaction of the interlinked active ingredients and nutrients, using the resulting synergetic effects of seedFX® technology, extends throughout the entire growing season. The basis for the successive effects are already being laid during swelling and germination, which are reflected in the development of the young plants and the yield formation up to the harvest.

Each GUARD product is as individual as each crop. Through intensive research and development work, the concentration of the formulation is adapted to the specific crop and supplemented with additional additives. This means that every GUARD product based on seedFX® technology is perfectly tailored to the needs of the target crop.

Our formulation expertise and rigorous lab and field testing ensure compliance with all technical specifications from seed preparation to sowing (e.g. Heubach values, sowability and flowability).

Amino acids (Am): Increase stress tolerance, improved metabolic processes and photosynthesis, stimulation of the soil microbiome | Organic acids (Or): Improvement of germination capacity, hormone regulation, nutrient mobilisation | Secondary plant compounds (Sp): Reduction of oxidative stress, hormone-like effect, improved cell division | Humic substances (Hu): Hormone-like effect, improved root development, increased nutrient uptake | Hygroscopic substances and surfactants (Hy): Faster and more uniform seed swelling | Micronutrients (Mi): Building blocks of important enzymes, control of enzyme activity, improvement of immune response | Macronutrients (M): Kick-start package for the early stages of development

How does the seedFX® technology work?

The gears of seedFX® technology mesh as early as the seed swelling stage. The hygroscopic substances and surfactants contained in the seedFX® technology increase water attraction and binding and reduce the surface tension of the water in the soil. As a result, swelling takes place more evenly and the necessary swelling pressure, which leads to the cracking of the seed shell, is achieved more quickly.

During germination, the natural organic acids develop their potential and improve the germination capacity. The organic acids are also able to mobilize poorly soluble nutrients. They stimulate the microorganisms present in the soil and also have a hygroscopic effect in some cases. Overall, many physiological germination processes are specifically promoted.

The subsequent field emergence is more homogeneous due to the use of seedFX® technology.

The seedling also benefits from the synergetic effects of seedFX® technology in the long term. The contained humic substances and secondary plant substances have, among other things, hormone-like effects. Together with the micronutrients manganese and zinc, which are components of important enzymes, these substances increase the enzyme activity of the seedling and regulate its phytohormone production. Plant metabolic processes are improved, and cell division and elongation are enhanced. The shoot and root of the seedling grow faster and are stronger. The plants can develop their root system more strongly, which considerably increases the proportion of fine roots and thus also the root surface.

The amino acids contained and the macronutrient magnesium, which as the central ion of chlorophyll is significantly involved in photosynthesis, promote photosynthesis from an early stage in the growing season, resulting in a high photosynthetic rate. This allows more carbon to be taken up and released to the microbiome from the first leaf of foliage.

Via the liquid carbon pathway, some of the energy produced by photosynthesis is released to the microorganisms in the rhizosphere in the form of exudates over the root system. These exudates, which are present as sugar compounds, for example, serve as a food source for the microorganisms. The increased microbial activity in turn results in increased dissolved nutrients and water being available to the plant through the microorganisms.

Since microbial activity in the rhizosphere is of enormous importance for plant and root growth, seedFX® technology again exploits the interlinked modes of action. The secondary plant compounds used, such as flavonoids, in combination with the micronutrients contained, such as molybdenum, additionally promote the microbial activity of the rhizosphere. Further nutrient and water development favours the development of the plant and its root system. In addition, the targeted promotion of beneficial microorganisms suppresses undesirable pathogens. Plant stress tolerance is increased.

In addition, the silicon contained in the seedFX® technology strengthens the cell walls in the shoot and leaves. During the entire growth process, the stability and resistance can thus be increased.

Best raw materials for the full power of the plant

The best qualities of the contained natural active ingredients and nutrients form the basis of our seedFX® technology.

In our seed treatments, we use natural, plant-based and mineral active ingredients and nutrients of the highest quality, some of which are also used in human medicine. Furthermore, we attach great importance to the use of renewable raw materials and the efficient cascade use of residual materials. The majority of our plant-based raw materials come from the food, beverage and animal feed industries. Through our internal quality control, both the raw materials used and the GUARD products produced are tested for all relevant parameters to ensure consistently high product quality.

The formation of antagonistic (inhibitory) and phytotoxic effects is prevented by the intensively researched and field-tested, crop-specific concentrations and combinations of the individual active ingredients and nutrients.

To sum it up: A good start cannot be replaced.

The individual adaptation of GUARD products to the respective needs of the target crop brings optimal conditions for plant growth and yield formation. The interaction of parallel processes, starting with more uniform germination, followed by improved youth development, stronger root formation and increased microbial activity, results in long-term benefits for the plant stand. Nutrient and water uptake is improved, plant metabolic performance is increased, and the crop is more vigorous, resilient, and tolerant of drought stress.

With the seedFX® technology as the base formulation of the GUARD products, supplemented by the respective crop-specific additives, yield stability can thus be ensured and often an increased yield can be achieved.

All values averaged based on own and independent trials, compared to check without GUARD product, depending on seed, soil and environmental factors. As of 04/2023




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