Intensive research with certified institutions and state-funded innovation projects

Research is our passion. Our diverse team combines expertise from the fields of agricultural and crop sciences, molecular and microbiology, and forestry and environmental sciences. Together, we perform ambitious cutting-edge research in the lab and greenhouse as well as in the field. This enables us to adapt and complement the seedFX® technology with crop-specific additives so that our GUARD products are optimally tailored to the needs of the target crops.

We also pursue the goal of constantly further developing existing products on the basis of newly acquired knowledge. State-funded innovation projects form another part of our research in order to pursue our long-term goal of sustainable, future-proof agriculture with new and further developments.

Intensive lab tests as well as distinct international trials under real-world conditions

We place the highest scientific demands on our testing. Each of our products is first intensively tested and validated in laboratory and greenhouse trials before being used in extensive field trials. Together with certified trial facilities, we attach great importance to a scientific and standardized test setup in order to make the results from different regions with different soil types, climatic influences, as well as different varieties comparable. In addition, our prototypes are tested under practical conditions from an early stage of development in cooperation with farmers. This valuable exchange of experience enables us to develop solutions for practical use, which in their application and effect support agriculture in its future security.



Careful selection of the highest quality with constant assurance of product quality

In our seed treatments, we use natural, plant-based and mineral active ingredients and nutrients of the highest quality, some of which are also used in human medicine. Furthermore, we attach great importance to the use of renewable raw materials and the efficient cascade use of residual materials. The majority of our plant-based raw materials come from the food, beverage and animal feed industries. Through our internal quality control, both the raw materials used and the GUARD products produced are tested for all relevant parameters to ensure consistently high product quality.

Verification of the technical performance from seed processing to sowing

To ensure proper use, we thoroughly test our products with stringent requirements. Every new product as well as formulation improvements are tested in our lab by the Heubach test for flow and abrasion properties. This is followed by the scaling phase in larger plants. To ensure consistent flow in seed treatment plants and in the seeder, we involve agricultural machinery manufacturers, conditioners and trading houses as well as farms that test our products under practical conditions. We are also working on new processes to further increase sowing accuracy, especially in precision seeding.



Reliable products for changing environmental conditions and legally changing requirements

The uncertainties arising in connection with the Green Deal and the Arable Strategy 2035, and the increasing restrictions on synthetic chemical pesticides that go hand in hand with them, pose new challenges for agricultural practice. Our GUARD product line is not subject to any distance, wind or fertiliser restrictions, even under the CAP 2023, and thus offers an alternative that can be used in the long term. The GUARD organic product line is listed in for organic farming in Germany and is therefore approved for organic farming. Our seed treatments can be stored for at least 12 months, both at the seed and in the canister.

Strong network with trusted partnerships and extensive support in marketing and sales

Close cooperation with various players from agriculture, regardless of whether they are farms, trial providers, universities or companies from the sector, is irreplaceable for us. Only together we can overcome the current and future challenges we face. Consistent partnerships and customer relationships prove themselves time and again and are of central importance to us. Due to our experienced marketing and sales team, we are able to provide comprehensive support to partners and customers. Among other things, we provide all the necessary material for successful and uncomplicated sales with a tailor-made starter kit.

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